San Simón da Costa

D.O.P. San Simón da Costa


Made with whole pasteurized cow\'s milk of the Galician blonde, brown Alpine Friesian breeds and their crosses. Semi-cured cheese with pressed paste, dried for 45 days and smoked with birch wood.

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Production Zone

A Terra Cha, located in the northern half of the province of Lugo (Galicia)


Product Presentation

Labeled units of about 0,8-1,5 kg. and 13 to 18 cm high. Top or bullet shape, the top ends in a peak.


Sensory Features

Smoked, hard and inelastic bark, 1 to 3 mm. thick, yellow-ocher and somewhat greasy. Pasta with a fine, greasy, semi-hard and inelastic texture, white to yellow in color, soft to the cut with characteristic aroma and flavor. There will not be many eyes, round or irregular in shape, of variable size but less than a pea.



* The San Simón da Costa cheese is a very versatile cheese, both can be eaten accompanied by walnuts or honey or alone, since due to its soft and subtle sweet flavor at the same time, mixed with the delicate touch of smoke, they provide an exquisite taste. * In our region, entrecots and scallops with San Simón da Costa cheese are famous. * It is recommended to accompany it with a red wine preferably mencia.



Minimum Fat Matter: 45% Dry Extract: 58% F.M./D.E.: 48%



A legend lost in the night of the times and transmitted orally throughout the centuries attributes to the Celtic peoples, settled in the mountains of Serra da Carba and O Xistral, the invention of this type of cheese. Only the great poet Marcial provides us with a written testimony that speaks, in part, to this legend. We also know the enormous appreciation the Romans had for this product. In the obscurantism of the culture of the Middle Ages, any source written about this cheese is lost, but the fact that its production reached our days is tangible proof of its presence in the daily life of the time; either as part of the family diet or as a tax payment to the nobility or the clergy. This custom was preserved until the beginning of the 20th century. It will be precisely then, when it will appear, officially, documentation on the presence of this cheese outside the Galician territory. It will be in Madrid in 1913, within the Exhibition of Dairy Industries, where it would attract the attention of S.M.D. Alfonso XIII. From the 70\’s, the San Simón da Costa cheese enters a consolidation and revitalization stage that places it as a real expectation of the future. An expectation that today is an indisputable reality.
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